Sales Manager Nienke Bronner provides innovations for cremators

As from 21 April 2016, Nienke Bronner will officially be our Sales Manager following in the footsteps of Auke Rentenaar. She gained prior experience as a mechanical engineer in the asphalt processing industry. In this industry there was almost no direct contact with clients but at DFW Europe she has every opportunity to do so. Nienke is responsible for new clients and maintaining and improving relationships with existing clients.

She has found that national and international clients continue to introduce more specific focus areas. The DFW Europe team has experienced that its clients have started to involve DFW Europe in developments and constructions at an increasingly earlier stage. Nienke: “We can contribute ideas for technical opportunities, the location of the cremator, and the logistical process in the premises. This means that they regard us an expert and not as the constructor of the cremator only. And that is rightly so. Our clients can often benefit substantially from our years of experience. We can achieve savings, contribute to easier working methods, and point out developments in the field of filter and burner technology. This enables our clients to make more effective choices and experience fewer surprises afterwards.”